Check Verification is a service offered by the
Deluxe Corporation targeted to banking personnel.

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eChecks are, Fast, Easy and Secure. Other benefits include:

  • Control Cash Flow: Manage your fund balance with increased control over when bills are paid.

  • Go Green: Send your checks via email and you’re saving paper on envelopes and check stock.

  • Access from Anywhere: Send and receive payments anywhere from anytime on your laptop, PC or mobile device.

  • Save Time & Money: From envelopes to postage to the time spend preparing your checks, you’ll see significant savings.

  • Send Remittance Detail: Include a free form delivery message and/or send up to 8 fields of remittance data with each payment.

  • Add Members to Your Accounts: Assign permissions to others, defining what functions they can perform (Create checks, sign checks, process payments recovered, etc.)

  • Complete Historical Record: View payments sent and received in one centralized online system.

How do eChecks work?

Send check

Send Check
Sender logs in and fills out a check, enters recipient's email for delivery.

Receive check

Receive Check
Check is not attached to the email; recipient retrieves check from our secure online system.

Print check

Print Check
Recipient simply opens and prints the check.

Deposit check

Deposit Check
Recipient deposits or cashes check at any bank, just like a traditional paper check.

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