Setting up an account lets you take advantage of:

  • Instant Delivery
    Creating an eChecks account makes sending and retrieving checks even faster and easier.

  • Centralized Online System
    Providing a historical record of all your payments at anytime, all in one convenient place.

  • Separation of Controls
    Once you've established a Checking Account and Lockbox, you have the ability to assign permissions to others, defining what functions they can perform (create checks, sign checks, process payments received, etc.).

  • Control Cash Flow
    Because eChecks are delivered almost instantly, you control exactly when you pay your bills, giving you more flexibility over your fund balance.

  • Make Payments Anytime, from Anywhere
    Send from your desktop, laptop or from the Mobile Checkbook app on your mobile device.
    As long as you have an internet connection, you can make payments using eChecks.

How do eChecks work?

Send check
Send Check

Sender logs in and fills out a check, enters recipient's email for delivery.

Receive check
Receive Check

Check is not attached to the email; recipient retrieves check from our secure online system.

Print check
Print Check

Recipient simply opens and prints the check.

Deposit check
Deposit Check

Recipient deposits or cashes check at any bank, just like a traditional paper check.